Weight Loss Surgery retreat in Thailand.

Thailand Retreat with
Margaret Hays (Bariatric Dietitian) & Georgie Beames (Psychologist. WLS)

From 9 - 16 July, 2023

Life after Weight Loss Surgery is full of ups and downs – hopefully more ups than downs. However, this time in your life can also be an opportunity to find food freedom and body confidence.  
But where to start? How about in a gorgeous Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand, with Margaret Hays (Bariatric Dietitian), Georgie Beames (Psychologist WLS and a group of kindred souls)
This trip is designed for ladies who have had Weight Loss Surgery and it’s all about body and food joy: loving the way you feel in your body and eating the way you love.
We'll spend a week moving, exploring, and eating together, while learning to navigate life after WLS and understand the changes that are happening within you and redefine your relationship with yourself and food - leaving you renewed, inspired and ready to thrive.
This is a unique experience to get out of your day-to-day grind. To take time out of your busy lifestyle to reset and renew your mind and body. 
You will achieve this whilst having access to a Dietitian and Psychologist (that have a depth of knowledge and experience in the WLS field) to help put you back on your path to good health and to reach your WLS goals. 
This retreat is for you if you can answer yes to any of the statements below:
  • I’ve had Weight Loss Surgery (Lap band, Sleeve or Bypass) and I need some extra support to get back on track.
  • I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my weight and my eating habits and I’m not sure how to move forward.
  • I’m wanting to reach my goal weight after surgery, but no matter how hard I try, I keep falling back into the same old eating habits.
  • I am feeling consumed by my thoughts around food and I’m ready to break free!

Hello I'm Margaret!

My passion for helping women deal with weight related issues started in my teens with helping my own busy, working mum who battled with her weight for many years. This led me down the path of becoming a Dietitian and here I am 35 years later still helping women work on their body image and weight issues – but these days I specialise on Nutrition in the WLS arena.
As women we expect a lot of ourselves, and a lot is expected of us. We’re hard-wired to be resilient and roll with the punches and over time our lack of attention to self-love and self-care can make coping with life’s challenges more difficult than it’s ever been. Add kids, work, aging parents, and other stressors into the soup and it’s easy to see how life can become overwhelming.  

Have you noticed that one of the biggest challenges you face after WLS is re-establishing a new relationship with your new body and mindset and you may be experiencing new and unfamiliar body changes? It can be hard after WLS to understand why “nothing is working” and weight regain seems inevitable.

I have helped thousands of women, both in clinic and on-line, understand what they should be eating and how to structure their food and fluid intake to help reach their nutrition goals after WLS so they can be the best version of themselves and live the life they desire. 

I have developed Bariatric Meal Plans and e-books to share with my clients, so they understand this complex information in a simple and user friendly manner to make their nutrition journey easier after WLS.

I understand what it’s like to be in a busy stage of life. I’d love to help and support you during this retreat and beyond and I look forward to meeting you!

Hello I'm Georgie!

After spending over a decade personally struggling with my relationship with food and my weight, I was determined to find a new way forward. I tried ALL of the things to lose weight, secretly hoping it was the one thing that would FIX everything. Over time I ended up gaining more and more weight and feeling more and more like a failure. I thought there was something wrong with me. But I was determined to find a way forward.
So, I started my journey of self-discovery and I realised that my answers were not in diet books or trying to control my eating, but in Psychology.
I then became a Registered Psychologist and wanted to make a difference and help women who were struggling like me. My core focus has been in the area of eating & weight related issues (over 10 years’ experience), and I help to identify & clear key eating sabotage blocks that are seeing old eating habits on repeat.
Working in a WLS clinic as a key member of the team for over five years I now support women online with the exact same tools. I have thousands and thousands of hours of experience working one on one, helping WLS patients to make peace with food and their body.
The way I work is a little bit different to other Psychologists who may only engage in talk therapy. I use evidence-based re-wiring tools that quickly can change the circuits in your brain to no longer desire food (backed by research) as well clear other sabotage blocks that might be taking you back to your old ways. I have conducted my own research on my tools and presented this research at a conference to my peers.
I am very passionate about helping WLS patients to step into the version of themselves that is thriving and living their best life, as well as stopping any generational patterns being passed down.
  • two nights shared (double) accommodation in Somerset Park Suanplu hotel in Bangkok
  • five nights shared (double) accommodation in Wyndham Resort  Hua HIn
  • Transport from Bangkok to Resort and return
  • all workshops with Margaret Hays and Georgie Beames
  • all activities and excursions
  • all breakfasts
  • all dinners
  • flights
  • alcohol
  • medical insurance and trip cancellation insurance
  • incidentals
  • gratuities
  • extra spa treatments

Retreat Rates:
$4490 AUD – Early bird offer $3990 ----- Deposit $500

Registration for this trip is currently open. Please fill out this registration form and we will contact you for the deposit. Spots on this trip are limited so please be aware that registering does not guarantee you a place.

We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if less than 16 guests sign up.


When you sign up to the retreat and pay your deposit by Friday 24th Feb 2023, you will receive a FREE individual on-line session with both Margaret and Georgie before the retreat.

Valued at over $500!

This bonus will disappear after Friday.

What you will go home with after the retreat:

  • A new game plan to approach your food, eating habits and the way you think about food and nourishing your body.
  • Feeling more empowered and confident as you now have strategies to manage cravings in the moment and have the tools and knowledge that you know what to eat.
  • A collection of tasty protein-rich recipes that you have learnt to prepare and cook at the resort which you will feel comfortable re-creating when you get back to your own kitchen.
  • A 3-day meal plan designed by Margaret Hays Bariatric Dietitian that shows you how to structure your food intake over the day as well as what foods/meals to include to help you stay on track no matter how busy and stressful your life back home gets. 
  • Curb Your Cravings mini course, created by Georgie Beames Psychologist WLS which will set you up with the foundational effective tools to manage your cravings in the moment.
  • Free access to Georgie Beames Food Cravings App, on return from the retreat
  • A feeling of confidence and ease knowing how you are going to approach your food and movement when you get back home and slot back into your busy life.
  • A new way of feeling and being. You will get a taste of what it feels like to step into the version of yourself that is ready to thrive!

Imagine getting on that return flight feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to go!!!

Feeling more empowered and confident as you now have strategies to manage cravings in the moment and have the tools and knowledge, so you know what to eat.

  • Add AUD 500 for single occupancy.
  • Add AUD 550 pp for pool villa (double occupancy)
  • Single occupancy in Pool villa add AUD 1100