What You Did Not Know About Destination Weight Loss

When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals, Destination Weight Loss is here to help you every step of the way. While you may already be familiar with our commitment to transforming lives through weight loss surgery, there are some intriguing facts about us that you might not know. Let’s dive into the lesser-known aspects of Destination Weight Loss that make us a standout choice for your journey to a healthier you.

1. Multiple Locations Across Australia

Destination Weight Loss operates across five key locations in Australia: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hunter (Maitland), and Perth. This widespread presence ensures that more individuals have access to our specialised weight loss surgery services, making it convenient for you to embark on your transformation journey.

2. Among Australia’s Largest Weight Loss Surgery Providers

Destination Weight Loss performs over 1,000 surgeries each year, solidifying our position as one of Australia’s leading weight loss surgery providers. Our expertise and commitment to patient care have made us a trusted name in the industry.

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3. Diverse Funding Options

Contrary to what you might think, most of our patients are self-funded. They use various financial avenues, such as “early super release,” savings, or flexible payment plans, to fund their surgeries. Less than 10% of our patients rely on private health insurance, demonstrating our accessibility to a broad spectrum of individuals seeking transformation. Our friendly reps are here to help you also with the money matters.

4. Affiliated with Top-notch Hospitals

Destination Weight Loss carries out surgeries in renowned Healthscope hospitals, including Sunnybank Private, Knox Private, The Mount and Holmesglen Private. Other hospitals: Maitland Private, East Sydney Private, and Epworth. Our collaboration with these esteemed healthcare facilities ensures that you receive top-tier care throughout your weight loss journey.

5. Comprehensive Nutritional Support

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the operating room. Before and after surgery, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our dietitian. You’ll receive valuable guidance on the right foods to consume to secure long-term results, ensuring that your weight loss journey is a successful and sustainable one. You will also be invited to ongoing online sessions and support groups.

6. A Team of Experienced Bariatric Surgeons

Destination Weight Loss is proud to have a roster of six experienced bariatric surgeons in Australia: Dr. Cheng, Dr. Kohn, Dr. Gong, Dr. Spillias, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Cheng. These accomplished professionals bring their expertise and dedication to your journey toward a healthier you.

7. Affordable Packages

At Destination Weight Loss, we prioritize affordability, quality, and support. Our packages are exceptionally cost-effective, starting from AUD 17,490 to AUD 19,990. These comprehensive packages typically include up to two nights in the hospital, although most patients find they only need to stay one night.

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8. Expanding Horizons

In addition to our Australian presence, Destination Weight Loss is affiliated with Destination Beauty in Thailand. This affiliation allows us to offer weight loss surgery and skin removal procedures in Thailand within our group of companies. Unlike many of our colleagues in the industry we are able to support our patients with both weight loss surgery and subsequent skin removal surgery after massive weight loss.

At Destination Weight Loss, our focus is on your well-being, your transformation, and your success. We’re more than just a weight loss surgery provider; we’re your partner on the journey to a healthier, happier you. Discover the difference with Destination Weight Loss today CLICK HERE to fill in an online evaluation form.

9. Weight Loss Surgery is not a quick fix

Weight loss surgery is not a quick solution to obesity. Long term success requires diet compliance and a more active lifestyle.