Torii’s Fact 
Highest weight: 145.8 kg
Current weight: 105.3 kg
Lost weight:  40.5 kg
Surgery date:  22 February 2022

Torii is now 3 months post op and lost 31.2 kg! She had surgery with Dr. Garett Smith. She told us about her experience with him. “He was my requested surgeon as I had heard so many good things about him! Personally, once again, I cannot fault him, he was fantastic and had beautiful bedside manner.”

Torii also shared about her experience with us “Before weight loss surgery, I knew what I needed and was scared to jump! However, the Destination Weight Loss team were reassuring and absolutely fantastic! My rep was amazing I’ve even gone on to provide a few of my friends with weight issues the details of my rep and surgeon.”

You may be curious how she can manage to get an amazing transformation, right? Here is her workout and food advice 🙂

“I do body fit training which is essentially cross training, but working out all parts of the body at the same time 🙂

Food wise! I’m still learning what works for me, but most of the time I’m making lettuce wraps with tuna onion and lite cheese and mayo! Scrambled eggs with tasteless protein powder with no toast for breakfast 🙂 Lunch I’m pretty bad at remembering to eat but I’m having a protein pudding every now and then as well 🙂

Finally, Torii wanted to tell everyone who is still hesitating about weight loss surgery

“I’d tell them to definitely seek the correct advice from their health care professional, but I would thoroughly encourage it. It’s been the best journey for me so far and I would do it all over again in a heart best with the Destination Weight Loss team! The journey is only the start and I plan to do so many good things with my life I wasn’t able to do before Obviously praying I never have to do it again hahaha.”
 – Torii’s