Simone weight loss surgery

success story

Simone’s Fact 
Start weight : 109.1 kg
Current weight : 81.8 kg
Current lost : 27.3 kg
Surgery date : 4 March 2022

I have started now going on walks and using the cross-trainer I still eat everything just in very small portions and I do concentrate on high protein foods like cottage cheese, hams, chicken, It’s been a very easy process.

I have had a few stalls and I just focused on my protein to help move it again, I did have a bowel obstruction back in July but that was all fixed with surgery and I recovered well. My recovery was very smooth after weight loss surgery.

I felt like normal after 6 weeks and started eating normal food again around the 8 week mark. It’s been a great journey and I regret not doing it sooner. I’ve had nothing but great compliments and my confidence has improved hugely and I haven’t been this happy with my body in a very long time” – Simone

Before and After

Simone weight loss surgery
Simone before and after weight loss surgery