Sarah’s Fact 
Highest weight: 93.9 kg
Current weight: 63.9 kg
Lost weight:  30 kg
Surgery date: August 2021

Sarah are now 6 months post op and lost 30 kg! She had surgery with Dr. Cheng. She told us about her experience with him. “Dr Cheng was fantastic, he was very honest and thorough in his assessment and what the steps would be throughout the surgery. Prior to going in for surgery he came and talked me through what to expect and made me feel at ease. Once surgery was complete he visited me throughout my hospital stay to check in and see how I was doing.” – Sarah’s 
On this article, Sarah also share her experience with Destination Weight Loss. She told that “My Rep was Hana and she has been wonderful. She was the one who contacted me after I submitted an online enquiry form, was able to answer any questions I had and very informative.

 She was also very prompt with her responses to my emails and easy to deal with overall. Her customer service and care was fantastic”
Sarah also gave some advices to everyone who are in the weight loss journey as her.
She said “My advice to anyone entering into this journey is to measure your own success, don’t compare to others. Don’t just focus on the number on the scales, focus on the change in our you’re feeling overall, how your clothes fit etc. focus initially on hitting your protein targets set by the dietician, keep a water bottle on hand to remind yourself to keep hydration up and small healthy snacks. Sometimes your body needs more food than what you’re used to and that’s okay, focus on healthy snacks and ensuring the portion size is correct. I’ve also stopped using food as a reward and instead using it for what it is and that’s to give me energy and fuel the body. Try and get a walk in each day, even if it’s 20 minutes. It’s great for the body and the brain 😊