Rebecca weight loss surgery

success story

Rebecca’s Fact 
Highest Weight : 107 kg
Current Weight : 64 kg
Lost Weight :  43 kg
Surgery date: February 2022

Never in a 1000 years did I think I would wear this… 43 kgs down and feeling amazing.

It’s just been 12 months. 24th February last year I was sleeved. Starting weight was 107kgs.

I’m surprised at how much loose skin I don’t have. My thighs have a bit, and my arms are a bit flabby but I’m really not that worried about it as I see it as my ‘battle scars’. I do a lot of walking, and I have had a personal trainer for the last 4 months and we are focusing on weight work on my arms, and cardio for my legs, on my bike and rowing machine” – Rebecca. 



Before and After

Rebecca weight loss surgery
Rebecca before after weight loss surgery