success story

Rachel’s Fact 
Start Weight : 122 kg
Current Weight : 84 kg
Lost Weight :  38 kg

“Officially 6 months post op today!37.1 kilos down and a goal of just under 20 to go.Best decision ever.One thing I have noticed Is hair loss is happening a lot more since hitting 6 months but trying to stay positive and keeping my vitamins a priority!!I hope everyone feels this way no matter how long it may take, this was no easy way out”.  – Rachel –

Rachel shares her feeling in to words

          “I weighed 122kgs at the day of my surgery, I am also 5’6 so my BMI was over 40. 6 months post op now and I am 84kgs. My goal weight is 65kgs. I have had since 4 weeks post op a personal trainer 3x a week each session was a hour long, I took it very slow at the start as I was only on liquids/ purées And the weight was dropping off very fast about 1.5kgs a week sometimes 2kgs a week. But I couldn’t eat solids really at all until 5 months post op because my stomach wasn’t healed enough. Now I wake up and have a bowl of cereal, I stopped my personal training at 6 months just to focus on cardio for a while. So I do a walk everyday. Lunch I will have a piece of fruit and maybe a salad.  Dinner I make sure to have protein chicken and vegetables, steak etc only. I don’t drink soft drinks at all anymore, only water and juice! And also no bread”.     – Rachel –

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Client Stories

Makaila lost 39 kg in 8 months after Gastric Sleeve surgery

Minnie lost 34 kgs in 9 months after Gastric Sleeve surgery

Jesse lost 57.7 kgs in 6 months after Gastric sleeve surgery

Before and After