Nicola’s Fact 
Highest weight: 110 kg
Current weight: 86 kg
Lost weight:  24 kg
Surgery date:  October 2021

Nicola are now 2 months post op and lost 24 kg! She had surgery with Dr.Cheng. “Dr Cheng was amazing. He made me feel very comfortable and reassured my nerves. He offered me his time if I needed to ask him anything and come around after the surgery to make sure I was on the mend” – Nicola’s 

Nicola share with us how can she manage to lose 24 kg within 2 months. “I have kept active since coming home. With having lost so much weight now I’ve been able to run around and ride bikes with my kids now which has been my exercise. Keeping up with my protein focus foods has helped a lot. Scrambled egg in the morning, protein balls for snacks and focusing on eating chicken or fish with a small portion of veggies at night” – Nicola’s