Naomi’s Fact 
Highest weight: 114 kg
Current weight: 60 kg
Lost weight:  54 kg
Surgery date: December 2019

“Feel absolutely amazing with losing the weight I have. It has given me a new life.” -Naomi’s-
“Tips I can give people with the weight loss journey. Listen to your body as it gives you signs. Take everything on board that the surgeon advises….

Don’t be afraid to ask questions from previous patients. After surgery I started of walking then going gym playing netball and now swimming. I eat 5 small meals a day mainly concentrating on my protein. Have continued to take my vitamins daily. My favorite go to meals are satay chicken, Turkey mince shepherd’s pie, Ryvita wheat crackers with avocado tomato lemon salt and pepper.” 
“The roundness of my face, cheekbones became more prominent, my eyes became bigger, lost my double chin and my smile it feels absolutely amazing. To smile with confidence and knowing this has changed my life is the best feeling in the world. Feel good in your skin.” – Naomi’s –