Minnie’s Fact 
Highest weight: 92 kg
Current weight: 55 kg
Lost weight:  37 kg
Surgery date: 21 April 2019 

Minnie had weight loss surgery with Destination Weight Loss. She just passed her 1st year sleeveversary and managed to lose 37 kg! 

“I decided to have weight loss surgery because I had been dieting for years and was still struggling with my weight. My appetite and portion size was my problem.

I am much happier now because I have lost a lot of weight. I feel like this is how I was always meant to be. I can see an outfit in a shop window that I like and I know it will look good. It’s amazing being able to wear whatever I like, and feel good in it. I still get surprised at how different I look when I sometimes see photos of myself. 

I still make sure that my meals are focused on protein and vegetables. I take vitamins and also exercise regularly. Exercise is so much easier when you aren’t carrying extra weight!

 I joined the Facebook forum and watched other people’s journeys on there, and that is what convinced me to go ahead with it. I’m so happy with my results!”