Makaila's story

Makaila’s Fact 
Highest Weight: 111.5 kg
Current Weight: 68 kg
Lost Weight:  43.5 kg
Surgery date: 24 January 2020


“I had tried everything! And I mean everything fasting, weight loss tablets, exercising 24/7, Jenny Craig and weight watchers… nothing worked for me. One day I woke up and just had enough! And I decided to go for it.

I still have to pinch myself. I feel so alive again and full of happiness! I can keep up with my 3 kids now.”


“After having the surgery I have learned a lot about my body and what food fuels it. I used to eat just because I LOVED eating. Now I eat for fuel (and a little pleasure). I know how I feel after eating certain foods now and my taste buds have completely changed for the better. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything at all. One thing I really make sure I track is my protein intake and I also take a collagen supplement every day! 

One of the main reasons I decided to have weight loss surgery here was the cost. I also loved all the support from past sleevers from the Facebook page! I have made many lifelong friends just from that. The experience was just incredible and I will forever be grateful for everyone I met along the way from my surgeon, all the wonderful nurses and my sleeve family!” – Makaila –