Luke lost 70kg after weight loss surgery

Luke’s Fact 
Highest weight: 170 kg
Current weight: 100 kg
Lost weight: 70  kg
Surgery date: August 2021  

Luke had his weight loss surgery with Destination Weight Loss about a year ago and now he has lost 70 kg! He had surgery with Dr. Geoffrey Kohn. He told us about his experience with him, the hospital, and the nurses. “I had a wonderful experience having my surgery at Knox private, and I can’t fault my surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Kohn, or any of the nurses and staff! They were all amazing and helpful!” – Luke’s 

 On this article, he will also share his experience about how he has been taken care of herself after the surgery.

He told that “My main tip to lose the weight is to just trust the process and exercise! I followed the eating plan post surgery and stuck to eating healthy. It may seem hard to give up certain foods in the short term, but the results speak for themselves! And I made sure to exercise regularly to get my 10,000 steps in per day.” – Luke’s

We also asked Luke how he feels about himself after losing weight? and his reply was “I feel great… Well, I feel normal… But my new normal is incredibly different from the fat normal I was used to. I’m no longer in pain when I wake up, my breathing is incredibly better, and I sleep better so I feel more rested. I’m also feeling fantastic about myself now that I’ve lost this much weight! So much more confident!” 

Our last question to him was about how his life changed after having weight loss surgery. He replied, “I’m happier, more energetic, more comfortable, and capable of doing so much more in life than I was when I was at my biggest! It’s a fresh start to life!”