LuciNda’s story

Lucinda’s Fact 
Procedures: Breast Augmentation 400 cc implants, Extended Tummy Tuck and Arm lift

Lucinda had Gastric Sleeve in 2019 and she managed to lose 47 kgs. She decided to have skin removal surgery with Destination Beauty. 


“After having weight loss surgery and losing 47kg, I hated not seeing the change I wanted to see because of the loose saggy skin. I had been thinking about cosmetic procedures for a long time and I found Destination Beauty. I was able to use my super which made it easier and more accessible. I did a lot of research and found a lot of good reviews for Destination Beauty.

I decided to have an arm lift, extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, nipple lift and 400cc round gel implants above the muscle. Recovery was great! Hospital and nurses were awesome and really looked after me.

I’d recommend everyone to go to Destination Beauty and I do. Don’t think about it. Just do it, it’s a lifetime experience.”

– Lucinda –