Krystal’s Fact 
Highest weight: 118 kg
Current weight: 71 kg
Lost weight:  47 kg
Surgery date:  April 2021

Krystal had weight loss surgery with us in Sydney, Australia. She manage to lose 47 kg in 12 months post op!
Krystal had surgery with Dr.Garrett Smith. She told us about her experience with him. “Dr Garrett was amazing he was great the whole way and the whole experience was great with them” – Krystal’s 

 In this article, Krystal also share her experience about how she has been taken care of herself and her favorite meal after the surgery

 She told that “Be patient and don’t rush the eating take ya time, look out for the signs off fullness and don’t listen too other ppl trust the process be kind to yourself enjoy each day take a walk it helps with the process and helps or mental status fav meals would be veggies and meat mixed with garlic soy and some honey easy too eat. Cruskits with ham cheese and tomato and onion in the airfyer quick simple and yummy for the morning.” – Krystal’s

Last but not least, she also explain about how much she’s impressed with Destination Weight Loss’s service… ” They where fantastic very supportive answered all questions I needed the whole way. ”  – Krystal’s