Jordan’s Fact 
Highest weight: 220 kg
Current weight: 92 kg
Lost weight:  128 kg
Surgery date: May 2021

Jordan start weight was 220 kg and 12 months later his weight is 92 kg. now!

With a start weight of 220 kg, Jordan needed to lose approx 40 kg before having the surgery. In order to ensure surgery was safe. Jordan worked with Destination Weight Loss’ dietitian and was able to reach 176 kg on the day of surgery in May 2021.


In November 2021, Jordan is now 98 kg. He already lost 122 kg! You would wonder ‘How can he manage to go from 220 kg to 98 kg ?’ The answer is … Jordan has been very active, playing basketball and has been working out several times a week. Hard work on diet and exercise combined with the surgery is the recipe for long term success. Well done Jordan! 👏🏻 

He also shared with us about the experience with Destination Weight Loss and his surgeon ….”My surgeon was Dr.Kohn, he is a very upfront guy, tells it how it is and doesn’t sugar coat the truth. Exactly what I’d expect 🙂 ”  
Destination Weight Loss are really humble and always respond on time” -Jordan’s -‘