Join Margaret Hays Bariatric Dietitian and Georgie Beames Psychologist. WLS.

21 Feb 2023 – 3 pm Perth time, 5 pm Brisbane, 6 pm Melbourne/Sydney & 8pm Auckland

Your Back on Track Blueprint Webinar to enable you to reach your 
WLS goals for 2023

Everything you need to know about Nutrition and Psychology after Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)
Costs AUD 47 – CLICK BELOW to register

Do you feel confused about what and how much you should be eating on your WLS journey?

  • Have you found some of your old eating habits have started to sneak back in after surgery?
  • Not at your goal weight yet, and you are wanting strategies from professionals to support you to get there?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, this Webinar Workshop is for you!!!

Who should attend?

WLS patients who have regained weight on their journey 

WLS patients who are feeling frustrated with where they’re at & are ready for change

WLS patients who are wanting the best of the evidence-based tools and recommendations from professionals who have a depth of experience in the WLS domain

Feel empowered on your WLS journey after participating in this one-off interactive Webinar Workshop with Margaret and Georgie.

Margaret Hays (experienced Bariatric Dietitian) will discuss:

  1. How to reach your Protein, Fibre and Fluid Goals after WLS

  2. Problematic Food and Lifestyle Behaviours after WLS and what to do about them

  3. Why meal planning and structure are so important after WLS

  4. 3-day meal plan (yours to keep) from Margaret Hays Bariatric Dietitian

Georgie Beames (Psychologist with a core focus in WLS) will show you how to Curb Cravings Quickly

  1. Why willpower doesn’t work and why re-wiring does

  2. How dieting leads to weight gain (not loss)

  3. Experience an effective tool that can literally make your cravings disappear in minutes. 

  4. Unpack the research data of this re-wiring approach (Hint: 2kg weight release in 7 days)

*** if you cannot attend live – we will send you a replay after the event.

Costs AUD 47 CLICK HERE to register: https://buy.stripe.com/28o6pe05SaRz1XOaEE