Erin before after weight loss surgery

Erin’s Fact 
Highest weight: 157.8 kg
Current weight: 94.3 kg
Lost weight:  63.5 kg
Goal Weight: 75 kg

Surgery date: March 2022

Erin first shared her reason for deciding to have weight loss surgery, Gastric Sleeve surgery to lose weight – “As my weight gain became uncontrollable and I was showing the beginning of other health risks such as fatty liver and cholesterol issues”

Erin then shared her experience with Destination Weight Loss that – “It was like having a personal assistant for surgery, they helped me organized everything from start to finish. My surgeons, Dr. Kohn and Dr. Spillias were the most amazing surgeons, I have had regular contact with Dr. Spillias and I would highly recommend him as a surgeon. The nursing staff at Knox private were incredible.”

After the weight loss surgery was done,  “I woke up drowsy and sore, however, I had no gas pain. For the first 3 days was in pain. Then every day for better and better. The next hurdle was starting to eat and learn how much my new stomach can take.”

After losing weight, “I think everyone who has had this surgery can agree you still have a “fat” brain, I find myself picking up larger clothes by habit. I’m now 5 months post-op and I am starting to feel and see the huge difference. I feel confident within myself, I have a new lease on life 

Erin’s life has changed after having weight loss surgery, “Since having surgery, I have changed completely, I am now my son’s soccer coach and his football trainer. I am not afraid to run around with my family. My life has forever changed for the better.” 

Last but not least, Erin shared her tips to manage to lose so much weight. “I often serve myself food on small plates. The biggest tip is to eat slowly and listen to your body. Ask yourself do you really need that last spoonful. BECAUSE YOU WILL MAKE YOURSELF UNWELL. Make small changes in your diet. I now avoid most bread and sugary drinks. I make sure every meal has some sort of protein. Another biggest thing is I went back to work 3 weeks after. Do not rush yourself to get back to normal, you need time to recover and heal.