Individual results may vary. Results may vary significantly between patients. No weight loss surgery procedure will achieve the same result, even if the procedure is carried out by the same surgeon. Long term weight loss success will require strict diet control and exercise. 

On this website we display before and after pictures. These pictures cannot be used as a guideline for what you can expect.

Expectations about the surgical procedures  hould be discussed and agreed with your doctor before carrying out the procedure. Your doctor will inform you what you can realistically expect. There is no guaranteed result.

Risks, complications and permanents scars are something you need to understand and accept in order to have surgery. Healing is individual and previous clients healing cannot be used as an indication for how you will heal. You may heal slower or faster. Scars cannot be avoided and is a usual outcome of surgery. Some clients will develop thick keloid scars.

Complications such as wound separation, infection, delayed healing, leak, DVT/Embolism and other complications are real complications that you need to consider before having any kind of surgery. No doctor or hospital can promise complication or risk free surgery or treatments.

For weight loss surgery we are not giving any promises of the weight loss that can be achieved.

Written consent forms are the norm at any of our treatment providers and such consent forms will need to be read and signed before any kind of surgery or procedure can start. Destination Weight Loss do not promise or guarantee any outcome. The contractual agreement to have surgery is between the hospital and the individual client. Destination Weight Loss is not a part in the contract between the client and hospital. Destination Weight Loss do not give medical advice or recommendation. Destination Weight Loss will solely pass on messages from our healthcare partner providers, we as Destination Weight Loss will not give medical advice.