Cole’s Fact 
Highest weight: 114 kg
Current weight: 74 kg
Lost weight:  40 kg
Surgery date: 3 December 2019

“How I feel right now?…AMAZING! I feel like I’m me again, I feel happier and healthier. The feeling of being able to have more options for clothes really does something to you haha.” -Cole’s-

“”Hospital experience. Wow where do I start. Never in my life did I feel at home in a hospital let alone one overseas. I was taken care of so well and the nurses had such empathy for us even though we were like their 1000th patient today. The hospital is so clean and spacious. My hotel room.. I mean hospital room was  truly amazing so luxurious. My surgeon was fantastic and very lovely to deal with.”

“Why I chose DB, because I heard word of mouth from other people about their success and I had faith in the research and success stories coming from DB. It was also a cheaper option for me at a very and I mean very affordable price for what we get.”