Bridget’s Fact 
Highest weight: 115 kg
Current weight: 65 kg
Lost weight:  50 kg
Surgery date: February 2020

Bridget lost 50 kg in 12 months after weight loss surgery. In this article, she share with us about her weight loss surgery experience “ After the surgery, I feel so energetic now and I can finally do my hobbies (snowboarding and hiking) without any pain!” -Bridget’s

 “My weight when I decided I wanted surgery was 115kg, in the day of surgery is was 109kg I now weigh 50kg. I’ve gone from a clothing size 20 to a 12 🥳 ” -Bridget’s
“I was putting on my hiking pants that used to fit me and realized that they are way too big now, and being able to shop in the regular size section of shops and not plus size!    -Bridget’s-