Betty’s Fact 
Highest weight: 103 kg
Current weight: 78 kg
Lost weight:  25 kg
Surgery date: January 2021

Betty had weight loss surgery with Dr. Garret Smith in Sydney on January. After 13 weeks post op, we have a chance to contact her and talking about her experience with Dr Garret. She said that  “He was absolutely lovely … easy to talk and happy to answer any concerns. It made me feel at ease on surgery day…which continued after surgery … I had some concerns after surgery and I messaged him a few times and got response quickly and I was at ease….Dr Smith has emailed me recently to ask how I was going and where I should be upto and what I should be taking( medication/ vitamins)and that he was sending details to my Gp and if any problems/ concerns to contact him anytime .. I always feel informed and know that if I have any concerns that Dr. Smith is more than happy for me to text or message him anytime.” Betty’s 
Betty shared her favorite food after weight loss surgery with us. She said she is now loving salads (contains with lettuces, avocado ,feta, spinach, caps, pumpkin, walnuts) She add what meat I feel for that day like beef ,lamb, pork chicken or fish…. tender beef or pork is her favorite! 🥗✨