Amanda weight loss surgery

Amanda's success story

Amanda’s Fact

Highest Weight: 112.8 KG

Start Weight: 109.7 KG

Current Weight: 76.3 KG

Total lost : 36.5 KG

Surgery date : March 2022

Amanda had her weight loss surgery in March 2022 and lost 37 KG after a year. 

“I was going to wait until my 12 month anniversary but I’m just too excited and proud!
Not one single regret 😃 Hoping to get to that 40kg loss by my 12 month anniversary 🤞🏼
I try to do a 5km walk at least 4 times a week with a bit of interval jogging. I’m wanting to start focusing on strength and toning now…just need to find the time!” – Amanda
Amanda weight loss surgery
Amanda weight loss surgery