Alyssa’s Fact 
Highest weight: 100.7 kg
Current weight: 61.7 kg
Lost weight: 39 kg
Surgery date: 23 April 2019

Alyssa had weight loss surgery 1 year ago and was 100.7 kgs at the time of surgery, she now weighs 61.7 kgs. Alyssa’s starting BMI was 36.1 and the current BMI is 21.6. 

“After having my son, I tried lots of ways to lose weight but nothing worked for me. Then I searched about weight loss surgery and I found Destination Weight Loss. Destination Weight Loss has many good reviews and great service. The other reason that I chose Destination Weight Loss is that the waiting list in public hospitals in Australia was going to take over 2 years but I can have the surgery with Destination Weight Loss promptly. So, I decided to have surgery with them. 

After the surgery, I can do many activities with my son and that makes me feel so good. It’s a decision that I have never regretted. I still eat and enjoy the things I love after having weight loss surgery but the portion is much smaller.”

– Alyssa –